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Signal To Shine Bright

Realese Date : 13 January 2016.

Self Produced

I spent a LONG ASS TIME recording this album. I originally set out wanted to record the greatest harmonica record of all time. The creative will and force of the universe had other ideas and what the album shaped up to be was a lengthy exercise in personal creative expression. There's a healthy dose of harmonica shredding but I also performed all of the guitar, bass, and keys. My good friend Joe Chudyk played the drums and mixed. The album was mastered by another good friend Phil Joly. Please enjoy!

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Additional recordings


Realese Date : 27 September 2016.


Eric and Happie's asked me to lend some bass to their debut release and I had a lot of fun recording it. They sent me the tracks and I recorded it remotely in my basement. I snuck some guitar into the title track "It's Yours" and they kept it!

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Realese Date : 14 February 2013.


In January 2013  Eric lived in my house and he and my roommate Joe recorded this great album. I played bass, electrics guitar, and harmonica in some form on most of the tracks. It was an amazing experience recording together and the album has great tunes that show off Eric's great talents as a singer song writer. Please check it out!

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