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Signal To Shine Bright

2016 AJ Silverberg


"Signal To Shine Bright" is AJ Silverberg's debut album. It features 9 original songs written and performed by AJ Silverberg. The music spans genres from dark funk grooves to acoustic folk pop. AJ's signature harmonica sound decorates each songs in a wide ranging presentation from soaring blazing solos to soft spacey effects. Long-time collaborator Joe Chudyk plays the drums on each track and mixed the album at Mocking Bird Studios in Upstate New York and mastered by Phil Joly in Brooklyn, NY.







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We all know that artists are their own worst critics, thus the true boldness of an artist is revealed when they ask their 2nd harshest critic to write the bio blurb for their website.  I have had the opportunity to play with AJ through multiple steps of his development:  From asking him to play drums in my high school band, to the two of us overcome with excitement and nerves as we opened for one of the most impressionable bands of our childhood music experiences.  I’d like to write a few notes about AJ as a musician and songwriter so that you may be introduced to facets of his music that you may haven’t considered.


First and foremost, my mom likes AJ’s music.  It makes her feel good and she likes to tap her foot to his songs.  I like AJ’s music for other reasons.


No, AJ’s posted photos have not been reoriented horizontally.  He is a genuine lefty and he plays a left-handed guitar.  While scientists have surmised that southpawed individuals have unusually good spatial reasoning, I can not personally verify this about AJ (though he is very methodical about packing gigging gear into his station wagon).  But being left handed really leaks through in his playing – even his harmonica playing.  Lefties have their own ways of doing chores and have figured out creative ways to adapt to a right-dominant society...  Click here to read more


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